Luna Estrata Crème

Luna Estrata Crème

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After cleansing your skin and a long day you want something that will nourish, hydrate and aide in the repair of your skin. Our Luna Estrata Crème does that and more.  

We have been asked after looking over the ingredients of this crème why is there acid in my moisturizer? This is something that most companies do not do. We at Alexander Cosmetics feel it is important to have consistency in each step, from the introduction to the closing of your skin care routine. This rich crème is that perfect closing step to your skin care. 

Below are the key ingredients that you will find and why we love them.

Azelaic Acid is one of the main ingredients that we use here for continued reduction of any inflammation so that acne becomes less visible and less irritated. This will also encourage the cells turnover and reduce the chance of scarring.

Kojic Acid This we use as a targeted ingredient to attack visible sun damage, hyperpigmentation and scaring. Kojic acid is more of a neutralizer in the production of pigmentation, calming the cells causing them to produce less melanin in areas of concern.

Niacinamide When your concern is age, even skin tones, pore size then look no further.  When companies talk about vitamins in their skincare one of the biggest ones you want to see if they have is this one. Also known as Vitamin B-3 Niacinamide benefits the skin in so many areas.  We personally use it for the following:

  • Helps retain the moisture of the skin for all skin types but mainly for those who suffer from eczema. With this said it also helps reduces the redness caused from acne or eczema or other inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Over a coarse of time a natural reduction in the skins pore size can be seen.
  • Because we have a couple of acids going on in this formula we must still continue to protect from sun damage and Niacinamide works hard while feeding the good stuff to the cells that need it, rebuilds healthy skin cells while protecting from ultraviolet rays.
  • My favorite reason of all Niacinamide is the knight in shining armor for your skin protecting it from outdoor stressors. Though we don’t mean homework or your boss. We mean it helps against the sunlight and pollution and toxins that you run through from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.