About Alexander

Alexander Cosmetics is named after Alexander the Great. We chose this name for two reasons. 

To pay homage to our heritage of being Greek and because like Alexander we wish to conquer the world. (In this case the world of makeup) 

At only 21 Alexander left to see his destiny unfold and in a span of 13 years he brought together a huge nation under his leadership. 

Makeup then and makeup now has seen many changes through the ages. Men used to take full control of their skin and makeup appearance. Kings, Queens and leaders of all nations adorn their faces and bodies with cosmetics. Sometime in the mid 1900's things started to change where only women were accepted to pamper and decorate their skin with cosmetics. 

Alexander Cosmetics was started by a male esthetician who saw that men were uncomfortable seeking skincare services. While attending female clients he would listen to their concerns and make notes. He wanted to address both issues that the public was experiencing. Social unacceptability and lack of effective product in the consumers eyes. 

He quickly started a spa to cater to the male clientele. Educating the fellow members of the same sex on understanding the importance and luxury of having esthetic services. 

While providing these services for men, he worked as a freelance makeup artist for several of the top makeup and skincare lines. Educating as he went, to all his clients. He quickly became known for his abilities at matching any foundation no matter who sat at his chair. Traveling through the states, perfecting the 5min natural face all the while gathering and spreading the word of how men need skincare. 

After a total of 20 years in the business he put all the collective information he received from clients and professional knowledge he had gained and created Alexander Cosmetics. Using the top secretes of the industry giants and applying to his line. Making sure to only use the top ingredients in his products. Looking at options to reduce the amount of waste and plastic use in his product. To build the greatest line.

This line was built with you in mind. Each piece, each shade was thought out as to whom could and would wear Alexander Cosmetics. This line is designed for men and for women. After all, it is what is under the skin that creates a beautiful/handsome face. Make up is merely there to enhance the elements that are to highlighted. 

Makeup is an element of joy, it, in itself, is a luxury. 

We at Alexander Cosmetics wish that you will love our products but also accept a piece of us that is all accepting, and hope you remember..

Be creative, be bold, be natural BE GREAT!