Fads vs. Legends

What does this mean? Fads are momentary sensations. They come in, they make colorful announcements, and then they are gone. Very similar to fireworks on a clear summer night.
Legends however are formed to burn brighter, warmer, and longer. Even when they are spent the memory of that legend will continue to live on.
When we created Alexander Cosmetics we set out not to be a fad. No, like our namesake, we set out to be a legend.
Why should you try us? Because YOU came first. Unlike influencers, we listened to your needs, wants and desires, and built them from the ground up.
Are we done with what we are offering you? No.
Are we still growing in learning what you need and desire? Yes.
We are dedicated to you making sure your needs are met when it comes to skincare or makeup.